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What is SIF?

"SIF" stands for "Středoevropský Institut Filosofie" ("The Central-European Institute of Philosophy"). The Institute promotes philosophy and transdisciplinary research. It achieves its goals through a specific curriculum and research, emphasizing the transdisciplinary and intercultural aspects and international cooperation. Furthermore,it hosts workshops and conferences,participates in several publishing activities and promotes the exchange of students and professors.


Hans Rainer Sepp
Gabe und Gewalt download
Linie und Leib download
In. Grundrisse einer oikologischen Philosophie download
Karel Novotný
O povaze jevů download
From the pure phenomenon to the divergence in the flesh download
Embodiment and Subjectivity in Ludwig Landgrebe’s Interpretation of Husserl download
Koncept hlubší korelace životní v raných rukopisech Jana Patočky download
Welt und Natur in der frühen Phänomenologie von Jan Patočka download
James Mensch
Selfhood and Appearing: The Intertwining download
Patočka’s Asubjective Phenomenology: Toward a New Concept of Human Rights download
Levinas’ Existential Analytic. A Commentary on Levinas’ Totality and Infinity download
Husserl’s Account of our Consciousness of Time download
Embodiments, From the Body to the Body-Politic download
Ethics and Selfhood download
Knowing and Being download
Postfoundational Phenomenology download
Martin Nitsche
The Topology of Metaphysical Viewpoints in the Light of Heidegger‘s Return to Aristotle download
Die Topologie des Seins im Spätwerk Merleau-Pontys download
Christophe Perrin
»Cogito me cogitare«. Note pour servir la généalogie et la téléologie d’une formule-clé de G. W. Leibniz à J.-L. Marion download
Homo pressus download
Vít Pokorný
Biophenomenology of Altered States download
Tělo jako součást technosféry download
Rozšířené poznávání a teorie imaginace download
Tělo, co vyrůstá na stromě světa download
Teorie představivosti v současných kognitivních vědách download
Jan Černý
L’individu comme problème phénoménologique chez Hannah Arendt et Michel Henry download
Patrick Flack
Ausdruck – Vyraženie – Expression. Transferts d’une notion entre phénoménologie(s) et structuralisme download
From Šklovskij’s Modernist Aesthetics to Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology download
Roman Jakobson et le moment phénoménologique de la linguistique structurale download
Caterina Di Fazio
The free body. Notes on Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s phenomenology of movement download
De Machiavel et Hobbes à Merleau-Ponty et Patočka. Mouvement et désir download
Jan Patočka, Cristianesimo e mondo naturale e altri saggi (recensione) download
Benjamin Kaiser
Befremdliche Monumentalität. Eine phänomenologische Analyse des Leipziger Völkerschlachtdenkmals download
Laughing and Alterities. On the Movement of Alterity on the Philosophies of Laugter download
Alexander Berg
Wittgenstein in Russland download
Marius Sitsch
Vom Sagen des Unsagbaren oder von der Selbstverständlichkeit zur Nachdenklichkeit download
An Abstaining stance towards otherness? download
Maria Vendra
Reshaping Social Justice: Paul Ricoeur’s and Luc Boltanski’s Dialectic of Love and Justice in the Age of Globalization download
Interpreting the Natural Environment. Paul Ricoeur’s Directions for an Eco-Hermeneutic Phenomenology download