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What is SIF?

"SIF" stands for "Středoevropský Institut Filosofie" ("The Central-European Institute of Philosophy"). The Institute promotes philosophy and transdisciplinary research. It achieves its goals through a specific curriculum and research, emphasizing the transdisciplinary and intercultural aspects and international cooperation. Furthermore,it hosts workshops and conferences,participates in several publishing activities and promotes the exchange of students and professors.

Body as medium

A Charles University EKS Department project in collaboration with Druna
Conception: Doc. Benedetta Zaccarello

“Body as a medium” is an interdisciplinary project focusing on the role played by corporeity in some intersubjective practices related to artistic and therapeutic approaches as extra-ordinary situations where interactions and communication happen in forms that seems to question our idea of the self and its physical borders. The aim of the project is to observe analytically the phenomenology and the specicities of these interactions enhanced by the physical presence, the structures and modes of language involved in those patterns of behavior and communication, the representations of the self implicitly assessed by the existence of these anthropologic practices. Via a comparative observation of technical languages and experiences involved in the process of expression and therapeutic transformation, and via the philosophical observation of those practices (from theatre to dance, from somatic disciplines to psychoanalysis) the project proposes to shed light on diferent forms of representation of the self and of communication implicitly structuring our patterns of behavior and our perception of human possibilities.

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