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What is SIF?

"SIF" stands for "Středoevropský Institut Filosofie" ("The Central-European Institute of Philosophy"). The Institute promotes philosophy and transdisciplinary research. It achieves its goals through a specific curriculum and research, emphasizing the transdisciplinary and intercultural aspects and international cooperation. Furthermore,it hosts workshops and conferences,participates in several publishing activities and promotes the exchange of students and professors.


Phainomena XXII/84-85, Junij 2013

Edited by Andrina Tonkli Komel and Hans Rainer Sepp Ljubljana, 2013

*Published in collaboration with: *Veröffentlicht in Verbindung mit: Středoevropský institut pro filosofii (SIF) / Central-European Institute for Philosophy / Mitteleuropäisches Institut für Philosophie, Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Fakulta humanitních studií / Charles University Prague, Faculty of Human Sciences / Karls-Universität […]

Leib und Leben. Perspektiven einer Oikologie

A conference of the research project „Philosophical Investigations of Body Experiences: Transdisciplinary Perspectives“ (GAP 401/10/1164) organised by the Central European Institute of Philosophy.

Venue: Chateau Liblice (http://www.chateau-liblice.com/) 17 -20 September 2014

The invited key note speakers include: CHEUNG Chan-Fai (Hong Kong), HONG Seongha (Soul), Dean Komel (Ljubljana), LAU Kwok-ying (Hong Kong), LEE Nam-In (Soul), NI […]

Anthony Steinbock: Prague Lectures

Research program „Phenomenology and Semiotics“ of the Framework for the Developement of Scientific Domains at Charles University in Prague, accomplished by the Faculty of Humanities, has the honour of inviting you to a series of lectures on topics in contemporary French philosophy presented by Professor Anthony Steinbock from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, U. S.

Professor […]

Cours récents de la Faculté des sciences humaines

Prof. Robert Theis Kant et le projet d´une reforme de la métaphysique

Faculté des sciences humaines, Université Charles de Prague, a le plaisir de pouvoir accueillir prof. Robert Theis, professeur émérite de L’Université de Luxembourg, en semestre d’hiver de l’année académique 2014-15.

Prof. Theis enseignera un cours concentré « Kant et le projet d´une […]