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What is SIF?

"SIF" stands for "Středoevropský Institut Filosofie" ("The Central-European Institute of Philosophy"). The Institute promotes philosophy and transdisciplinary research. It achieves its goals through a specific curriculum and research, emphasizing the transdisciplinary and intercultural aspects and international cooperation. Furthermore,it hosts workshops and conferences,participates in several publishing activities and promotes the exchange of students and professors.

Orbis Phaenomenologicus

Orbis Phaenomenologicus. Perspektiven – Quellen – Studien Edited by Kah Kyung Cho (Buffalo), Yoshihiro Nitta (Tokyo) and Hans Rainer Sepp (Prag)

Die Reihe präsentiert Denkansätze und Erträge der Phänomenologie und bestimmt ihre Positionen im Kontext anderer philosophischer Strömungen. Sie diskutiert Aporien des phänomenologischen Denkens und fördert die weiterführende phänomenologische Sachforschung. Die Perspektiven widmen sich phänomenologischen […]

Libri virides

Libri virides Edited by Hans Rainer Sepp

Libri virides brings together exciting texts by outstanding young authors working in the areas of philosophy and philosophical-inspired sciences. They offer a forum that presents the ideas and research of a new generation.

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Libri nigri

Libri Nigri Edited by Hans Rainer Sepp

The libri nigri meet preferentially at sites where the boundaries of realities, standpoints, disciplines as well as cultural traditions and traditions of knowledge come into view and where their assump-tions are negotiable. To trace their intentions of reasoning is more important than the search for the reasons themselves; […]

H. R. Sepp, L. Embree (Eds.): Handbook of Phenomenological Aesthetics

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Petr Kouba: Geistige Störung als Phänomen

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Karel Novotný: Was ist Phänomen?

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Cathrin Nielsen, Hans Rainer Sepp (Hg.): Welt denken

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Wei Zhang: Prolegomena zu einer materialen Wertethik

Wei Zhang Prolegomena zu einer materialen Wertethik. Schelers Bestimmung des Apriori in Abgrenzung zu Kant und Husserl

Libri virides, Band 3

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Matthias Flatscher, Iris Laner et al.: Neue Stimmen der Phänomenologie

Matthias Flatscher, Iris Laner et al. (Hg.) Neue Stimmen der Phänomenologie

Erster Band: Die Tradition / Das Selbst Libri virides, Band 1.1

Zweiter Band: Das Andere / Aisthesis Libri virides, Band 1.2

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Aleš Novák: Heideggers Bestimmung des Bösen

Ales Novák Heideggers Bestimmung des Bösen Libri nigri, Band 5

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